GSG has received 2 EX-Awards for our innovative campaigns

GSG IS Experiential Marketing! Our seasoned marketing executives know how to build consumer relationships by allowing them to “experience” the brand in the most intimate and memorable way possible. It’s all about finding a stand-out way to build consumer relationships. Consumers want Brands and products that not only fit their needs, but that “feel good” to them on the most visceral level. This intimate connection is what will make your Brand stand out among the rest.

Experiential marketing should always place your target consumer at the center of your marketing strategy, utilizing multiple platforms. Consumers will always feel better about using or purchasing a product that they have a strong emotional connection with, and that they have positive memories of.

We believe that here is not any other form of advertising or consumer interaction that can create that deep emotional connection drive people to become brand advocates in the same way as an experiential event with personal interactions. The simple face-to-face experience with a Brand is not only immediately impactful, but can also be life-long. Events have the power to build brand perceptions.

While we believe that events that engage consumers on a personal and intimate level stir the passion and builds a relationship with the Brand, we also believe that an integrated 360-degree approach that incorporates very platform available to the Brand alongside an event is the most deeply engaging.

When several marketing elements are integrated together, and the Brand has the opportunity to reach consumers with multiple impressions that would incorporate face-to-face and other interactions the resulting consumer impact is multiplied.

GSG stands by its work, and we believe that the connections forged with consumers from a great event campaign, be it single stand-alone event, an event held at a key retail customer location, or a series of “street team” marketing events, are priceless.

GSG is one of the hottest event marketing agencies in the country, winning a Gold Ex Award in 2013 and Silver Ex Award in 2014!

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